Amending Wills, Trusts & Power of Attorney Documents

Amending Wills, Trusts & Power of Attorney Documents

Do you have a Trust, Will, or Power of Attorney document that you would like to change? Do you want to add beneficiaries or omit beneficiaries? Do you want to change your estate representative? Do you want to add property to your Will or Trust? Do want to change your financial/medical power of attorney agents?

Changing Wills and Trusts is usually very simple but must be done correctly. Usually, a Will is witnessed and notarized, so should the Will amendment. Typically, a Trust is only notarized and so should the Trust amendment.

Reviewing your Will or Trust once every few years is a good idea. Make sure your Trustee or personal representative (sometimes called executor) is still a person you trust, is in good health, and can come to your location if something should happen to you.

Make sure your beneficiaries are receiving the correct percentage, dollar amount, or specific distributions from your Will or Trust that you desire them to receive.

Make sure if you have obtained additional property, financial accounts, or other assets that your Will or Trust properly reflects these new issues.

Regarding Power of Attorney agents, these documents are usually used in an emergency. It is important that the person you chose is in good health, is someone you still trust, and someone that can come to your location in an emergency.

Making changes to these documents is usually simple and takes one meeting but these alterations can make significant differences in the management of your affairs.  If you have questions about amending wills, trusts, or power of attorney documents, contact Rossi Law.