How Long Does Probate Take in Colorado?

Probate in Colorado is much quicker than in most states. You might have heard about probates in other states that take years to complete. However, most probates in Colorado take around 6 months. 

Colorado Probate

Creditors usually have 4 months to submit claims to the estate. In addition to this, filing taxes and collecting property are steps in the process which also can take additional time.

Family members disputing over property can significantly delay probate cases in Colorado. Additionally, when real estate needs to be prepared for sale this also often takes time.

Other important dates in probate cases are that after 3 months of opening the probate, beneficiaries and interested persons in the estate can request an inventory. Any time after that, it is a good idea for interested persons to request an interim accounting to achieve some level of transparency. Inventories and accountings are not automatically sent. For this reason, everyone involved in a probate should make these requests to the personal representative who is managing the estate.

Lastly, there is an ultimate deadline for creditors of one year following the decedent’s death if a creditor publication is not filed or closing documents have not been filed in the probate. For any additional questions you may have regarding Colorado probate, contact Rossi Law.