Special Administrators in Probates

The person who manages estates or probates in Colorado is usually called a Personal Representative (also known as an executor). This person manages the affairs of someone who recently died, which includes collecting assets, following a Last Will and Testament, notifying creditors, paying bills/taxes, and knowing how to distribute money or property after the estate is closed.

Sometimes there are complications in probates requiring the appointment of a neutral person to manage certain parts of the probate process. This neutral person is called a special administrator. The law on this is found in Colorado Revised Statute 15-12-616.

Some reasons for the appointment of a Special Administrator:

  • Issues that may involve a conflict of interest between a personal representative and the affairs of the probate.
  • Lawsuits or disputes within a probate. For example, family feuds or someone contesting the validity of the will.
  • Theft or mismanagement of probate assets, property, or other issues. 
  • Lack of transparency of information to the beneficiaries.

Anyone can petition the court for a Special Administrator if they believe it is in the best interests of the estate for a neutral person to manage the case. Contact Rossi Law if you have any questions regarding your probate case.